Have you heard? I’m going back to Haiti in February! Not in the normal way I usually visit Haiti, normally I’m working with the Hope Alive! Clinic Ministries along side the Haiti-Initiative and working in a local orphanage in Mariani, Ouest, Haiti. I have been doing so since 2011, I haven’t been able to visit as often as I was used to, but I guess thats what happens when life, work, and everything in between is so demanding and busy. I’m so excited to be going back to Haiti, except this time I’ll be running across the country. 230 miles to be exact. What does running 230 miles across Haiti look like? Here’s the route.


We’ll be starting in Cap Haiten and finishing in beautiful Jacmel. Here is the exact breakdown:

Day 1 – Cap Haitien to Plaisance – 28 miles
Day 2 – Plaisance to D’Ennery – 15 miles
Day 3 – D’Enery to Gonaives – 18 miles
Day 4 – Gonaives to Saint – Marc – 34 miles
Day 5 – Saint­Marc to Giulbert – 19 miles
Day 6 – REST DAY
Day 7 – Giulbert to Port­au­Prince – 29 miles
Day 8 – Port­ au­ Prince to Jacmel (FINISH LINE!) ­ 56.7 miles

So many have asked why am I doing this? Whats the point? For me I have a long time relationship with Haiti, I’ve been going there for years, love the people and the country and look forward to watching those communities grow. And I’m saddened when I see the disasters that take place there. Haiti will always hold a special place in my heart, and I love to run, so what better way to support Haiti than by running across it? How exactly does running help Haiti? Team Tassy’s mission is to end poverty by bringing good and dignified jobs. Every year Team Tassy hosts an ultra marathon of 230 miles called the Run Across Haiti. The purpose of the run is to show that Haiti is not a place to be feared, or pitied and our goal is to raise $200,000 by the end of our run. Please help me by donating here, every dollar makes a difference.

Pittsburgh, PA Run Across Haiti Teammates

In only 28 days I fly to Haiti and begin this journey. 28 days to do whatever I can to continue my training and be sure I am ready when I get there. I don’t know that I’ll ever be trained enough for 230 miles, but I know one thing. I’m going to give it my all, and do whatever I can to help end poverty in the beautiful country of Haiti. As always, thank you for reading and following along in my journey.


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