First blog post

First Post

The obligatory ‘First Blog Post’

I guess everyone has to have a first, right? Well, here’s mine.

I never thought I’d have a running blog, mainly cause I was never sure I had anything that interesting to say or talk about. But with the new year here I have some cool adventures in store. The main reason for starting a blog to begin with is because I have signed up to run across the country of Haiti in 7 days. That’s 230 miles, yes two hundred and thirty miles in seven days. I’ll be doing this with about 30 other amazing runners with the organization Team Tassy. We have one goal in mind, other than running 230 miles, its to end poverty in Haiti by creating dignified jobs. Why am I doing this? I have a lot of reasons for doing this, I have a history with Haiti and I love to run. Why not combine the two?

What goes into training for this daunting task of running 230 miles across the country? So much. Early mornings, late nights, lots of fundraising, planning, and of course running lots and lots. I have so much support from my Girlfriend, friends, family, co-workers, employer, and many more. I haven’t been the most exciting person to be around the last few months, but until the end of February I will be living, eating, and breathing training for this adventure. So I apologize to all my friends, family, and Erin for being on edge and often stressed out.

To kick off the new year and my first training day of 2017 I couldn’t think of a better way than to run 20.17 miles. Here’s to more posts and many more miles!

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